About Lend A Hand of Boulder City

Who We Are

We serve the residents of Boulder City which is a quaint small town of about 15,000 residents near Las Vegas.

Our mission is to help improve the quality of life for persons with disabling disorders, the chronically ill, and the frail elderly by assisting them and/or their caregivers with services not otherwise available or accessible in Boulder City.

Founded by caring residents and local organizations in 1989, Lend A Hand has continuously helped Boulder City senior and disabled residents by providing increased access to medical care, respite care and basic transportation to shopping and personal needs. These sometimes basic tasks not only provide improved quality of life but in many cases allow our clients to remain independent in their own homes. Each year our trained volunteers serve over 300 clients, many of whom have low or fixed incomes.

Our targeted population is Boulder City residents age 60 and over or the disabled of any age with the largest majority being seniors over 60. According to the 2020 bi-annual report by the Nevada’s Commission on Aging Legislative Subcommittee, Nevada’s aging population is “one of the nation’s fastest growing states,” and “is becoming older and more diverse.” They also add that “In five states, the age 65 and over population increased by 50% or more between 2007 and 2017, including in Nevada (57.8%),” and “Of the nearly 3 million residents in Nevada, close to 1 in 6 Nevadans are now age 65 or older. The state’s rate of growth in retirement-age residents, about 46 percent, was faster than the national rate of about 30 percent.”

According to today’s figures from the United States Census Bureau, 16% of the state’s population is 65 or older – that same number for Boulder City is 29% or almost double Nevada’s statistic for the same age group, highlighting this increased need for expanded services in our community. Lend a Hand of Boulder City provides free compassionate help by friendly caring members of our community.

Staff & Leadership

Executive and Office Staff

Kevin AbbottExecutive Director
Sara RichnerExecutive Assistant
Maria RondeauSenior Scheduler

Executive Board Members

PresidentLarry ArchuletaComputer Business Owner2021-2023
Vice PresidentJamie LombardiAssisted Living Administrator, retired2020-2022
SecretaryDr. Cynthia AndersonUniversity President – YSU, retired2022-2024
TreasurerRandy BennettBookkeeping Business Owner, retired2018-2022

Board of Trustees Members

Phyllis BachhuberSchool Psychologist, retired2009
Dave DempseyBusiness Professional, retired2020
Salome JarvisActivity Director, Boulder City Hospital2012
David PerezConstruction Manager and Business Owner2023
Lettie ZimmermanCorporate Manager, retired2004

Our Financial Accountability

Lend A Hand of Boulder City understands that we have a responsibility to our clients, partners, and the Boulder City community to ensure that the dollars entrusted to us are utilized in ways that produce measurable and meaningful results.  As such we are pleased to provide our most recent annual report for public review.

Our Grantors

Thank you to all of our Grantors. The generosity of each and every Grantor allows Lend A Hand of Boulder City to continue our mission to assist the senior and disabled residents of Boulder City.


What does Lend a Hand of Boulder City do?2022-09-30T05:21:08-07:00

We serve the residents of Boulder City which is a quaint small town of about 15,000 residents near Las Vegas. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for seniors (60+) and the disabled by providing escorted transportation and in-home services. Our service providers are trained volunteers from the community who donate their time and service. Drivers stay with our clients (if requested) and bring them safely home. We are donation-based and do not charge a fee for service. Lend a Hand of Boulder City provides compassionate help by friendly caring members of the community.

Why should I trust Lend A Hand of Boulder City?2022-09-30T05:20:44-07:00

Our staff and volunteer service providers are Boulder City residents who care about the community. All of whom have been carefully screened (including police background checks) and trained. We receive feedback from clients and the community about our service, and we carefully pair our service providers with client needs. Lend A Hand of Boulder City has served the community for over 33 years and is respected in Boulder City.

Are your services limited to seniors?2022-09-30T05:20:17-07:00

We serve seniors aged 60 and older. We also serve disabled residents who are younger than 60 years of age with proof of disability documents.

Can I help contract your services from another location as I live in a different city from the person needing care?2022-09-30T05:19:27-07:00

Yes. We have clients whose relatives live elsewhere and help make the arrangements for care. With the client’s consent, relatives can assist their loved ones with setting up services. These same family members often provide information and donations to Lend A Hand of Boulder City on behalf of these new clients.

What hours are you open?2022-09-30T05:18:55-07:00

Our office hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday (except holidays.)

What are your service hours?2022-09-30T05:18:39-07:00

Most services are provided during weekday “business” hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).; however, sometimes our clients need assistance before or after “business” hours, or even on weekends. We will always try to provide the requested service during times or days needed.

How can I reach you after business hours?2022-09-30T05:18:22-07:00

Our telephone answering machine accepts calls all hours of the day. We ask that messages are left after office hours only if a scheduled appointment needs to be cancelled before the morning shift begins.

Who pays your caregivers?2022-09-30T05:17:51-07:00

Our service providers are primarily our volunteers and they do not receive pay.

What does it cost for services?2022-09-30T05:17:29-07:00

Lend A Hand of Boulder City is a donation-based organization, with no cost to our clients. Our volunteers offer envelopes to our clients during service to use if they choose to make donations or contribute feedback. Donations are appreciated but not required.

What if I have a Title VI complaint?2022-09-30T05:17:03-07:00

Lend A Hand of Boulder City operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, and national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Any person who believes she or he has been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a complaint with Lend A Hand of Boulder City. More information about the Title VI Complaint Procedure is available by clicking here.

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