How much notice is required to schedule a ride?

We require five (5) business days lead time to schedule transportation so we can match the client’s needs with a driver and then confirm the assignment with the client. Every attempt will be made to accommodate each service request. Services are not guaranteed as it will depend on volunteer availability.

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Do you transport wheelchairs?

We can transport people who can transfer from their wheelchair to a volunteer’s vehicle. Our agency vehicle is also equipped to transport a wheelchair passenger in their wheelchair, but client height and wheelchair size limitations apply. A pre-transport consultation may be necessary. When requesting transportation, it’s important to let the staff know you have a

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How does pick up and drop off for appointments work?

When a client calls to schedule an appointment, the office staff locates a volunteer to drive and telephones the client with the volunteer’s name and pick up time. The volunteer then telephones the client 24hrs prior to service to confirm and verify the details. Depending on what the visit requires, the driver may stay with

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