How long is an average trip or visit?

Services within Boulder City are usually 1-2 hours. Transportation to Las Vegas appointments are 2 hours. If an appointment is expected to go over 2 hours, the staff needs to be informed at the time of the client service request. Sometimes drivers can do personal errands while they wait.

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Who do you serve?

We serve Boulder City residents who are senior citizens (60+ years of age) or anyone disabled with disability documents. Escorted transportation to medical appointments in Henderson and Las Vegas currently makes up the bulk of our service requests, however other assistance with local errands, companionship, or daily tasks is still provided upon request and volunteer

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I’m gone a lot. Can I still be a volunteer?

Lend a Hand is flexible. Volunteers indicate what kind of service they want to provide and when. We respect volunteers’ preferences and other priorities and appreciate the time they can give. It’s okay to say you’re not available when we call. When client service requests come in, the staff contacts volunteers who are best able

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What commitment do I have to make as a volunteer?

There are no daily or weekly time commitments; volunteers provide their availability and client service requests are matched with available volunteers. Even one ride a week is a great help. Before people commit to volunteering, they must: submit an application, be fingerprinted, have a background check performed, and attend mandatory training to learn about Lend

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Why should I volunteer?

Many people want to “give back” to the community. Helping others can add purpose and richness to ones life. Many volunteers like to get out, meet new people, and learn from others. Volunteers who like to read while they wait or those who love to drive are a great fit for Lend a Hand of

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